Artist Elin Maria Parmhed

Artist Elin Maria Parmhed has been a seeker within her artistic practice since an early age. Writing, photography, humouristic illustrations, digital art, designer works, art directing magazines and books... Only to just recently go back to what she spent her very early years doing – artistic work by hand, this time with a brush, lots of acrylic paint and acrylic ink at her hands.

 She claims June the 14th of 2019 as her rebirth, when an idea caught her attention.

And she simply can't stop exploring that idea.

New worlds emerge. Within the imaginative frame.

"I didn't think I could paint, so I did it anyway."


Interview with Vårt Luleå, April 2020 (Swedish)

Interview with Artportable, August 2020 (Swedish)

XoXo Luleå, 2019 (Video interview, Swedish)

Lekfulla målningar som går rakt in i hjärtat, March 2020 (Swedish)